SUV & Light Truck Tyres

Kumho KL78
- All terrain tire for light trucks, high level of braking and handling performance
- Stylish outlined white lettering with speed-associating
arrow decoration

Kumho Road Venture AT 825
- Aggressive, full-depth tread provides all terrain traction
for the life of the tire optimized for good handling
traction, and low noise


Kumho KL11
- Multi-purpose, large stable tread pattern for ride
comfort, wet & dry traction
- Stylish sidewall enhances the appearance of sport utility


Pirelli Scopion Zero Asimmetrico™
Based on the concept of SCORPION ZERO, it is
the innovative and optimal conversion option for
vehicles of the premium SUV class for speeds >270 km/h.


Pirelli Scopion™ STR
A tyre optimized for on-road use with good off-road


Pirelli Scopion™ ATR
The innovative off-road tyre: High performance
even on rough surfaces, but with comfortable and
smooth handling based on a reinforced structure
and a unique tread design.

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